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You already have what it takes. Now it is time to unleash it.
Tailor made guidance for you to move and feel better in the long run.
A unique approach towards health, well-being, physical and personal development.
We explore the realms of stillness, creativity and play looking for tools and strategies to thrive in our particular contexts and day to day lives cultivating an active, autonomous and happy longevity.
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What to expect
My offerings are built upon the following aspects. Cultivated through a shared process which supports your physical and personal development.
  • GATHER Practical Tools to Build Your Personal Practice.
    Understanding basic principles and concepts of human motion and self-care will help you to move and feel better in your body through your own movement. Respecting your singularity and particular context.

    Tools which you can easily implement in your daily life that are going to positively influence the quality of your health and well-being.
  • CULTIVATE Kinetic and Structural Hygiene
    Regular exposition to a practice that promotes stillness, presence, awareness, self-knowledge and self-care. Allowing you to constantly (re)sculpt your mind and body while strengthening their unity.

    Inspired by the Zero Forms practice from Fighting Monkey, this Integrated Joints Articulation Practice targets all the main joints aiming for the body to move as a unity. Improving your coordination and rhythm as well as nurturing your joints so you can enhance and sustain your mobility through time.
  • ELEVATE Confidence and Autonomy
    Learning how to sequence the exercises, design and adapt your practice to respond to particular moments and contexts will give you the confidence to take your health and well-being into your own hands.

    As no one can experience your body better than you, my goal is to help you to become your best coach and guide. Gathering the tools and resources to be able to listen and respond to obstacles, as they show up, with openness and creativity.
  • THRIVE on Constant Feedback and Support
    I offer an open communication channel through which you can reach me for feedback and guidance whenever you need. I will do my best to get back to you in the shortest time possible so we can keep the process smooth and responsive.

    For feedback purposes and a healthy unfolding of the process you can expect an exchange of videos through which we can monitor your physical improvement and understanding of theoretical concepts and principles.
Schedule a free meeting to find out what's the best approach for you at the moment.
  • Singular Coaching
    Unique program design for your unique needs and wishes
  • Mentorship
    Dive deeper into the theory and practical tools to expand your knowledge and development
  • Project Zero
    Cultivate a lifelong personal practice through stillness and integrated mobility practices
Singular Coaching
We will design your practice together taking into account what is necessary for your development.
Twelve Session Package
• Program design and updates
• 12 sessions throughout three months
• One hour in-person or online meetings
• Guidance and feedback in the period between sessions
Six Session Package
• Program design and updates
• 6 sessions throughout six weeks
• One hour in-person or online meetings
• Guidance and feedback in the period between sessions
Single Session
• 60 minutes in-person or online meeting
• Consulting on theoretical and practical materials
• Includes 1 week follow-up window (email and whatsapp)
Sessions journey
Spread out over three monthly sessions. Two covering the physical practice and one where we go through the theory and philosophy supporting the process.
We will study in detail all the practical and theoretical aspects of stillness and integrated mobility practices. Including the Athletic Legs, Spine and Coordinations programs.
Practical Sessions
Theoretical Sessions
Expand, give meaning and bring life to core principles and concepts of the practice. Discover a fresh, coherent and unique approach to your training, teaching, health, communication and longevity.
Nine month educational cycle where we delve into the research, theory and practice. Allowing you to explore, learn and apply the philosophy, principles, concepts and tools of the practice.

To foster the development of a creative and adaptive practice together with a critical and unconventional thinking about human motion, training, health, communication and longevity.
For anyone interested in learning more about themselves, gathering the tools to be self-sufficient and becoming masters of themselves.

There are no requisites nor previous experience needed.

You can start anytime, anywhere.

Together we will explore your needs and desires for your personal and physical development. Set priorities and find the best approach for you to explore your tailor-made training program.

Ready to start the journey?
Project Zero
A lifelong practice is one that gives us the opportunity to constantly learn more about ourselves. Which makes us understand and respect our uniqueness. That promotes adaptability and creativity. Which allows us to explore the immense diversity that this complex mind-body ecosystem we call a body offers us.

Above all, it should provide us with an energy surplus so we can do the things that really matter. Enjoy the company of our loved ones, play, create, develop our projects and actively engage in the design of our lives.
Project Zero consists in a cycle of 21 consecutive days of practice aiming at building the habit of having a daily personal practice.

This practice will cultivate self-care, self-knowledge, joint health, coordination and mind-body unity and strength.
I show up. You show up. We share.
Time. Practice. Knowledge.
I guide. I listen. I share.
You get empowered. You transform.
You become your own master.
• Kinetic and Structural Hygiene

• Integrated Joints Articulation Practice. Targeting all the main joints aiming for the body to move as a unity.

• Basic concepts and principles to move and feel better in your body through your movement. Respecting your singularity and particular context.

• Stillness, mobility, coordination, rhythm, strength.

• Practical tools to build your personal practice.

• Sequencing the exercises, designing and adapting your practice to respond to particular moments and contexts.

• Constant feedback and support.
During the 21 days we will cover in detail:
Joints develop through rhythm and coordination, giving birth to complex movement, variability and play. In and out of balance. It's about transformation, openness, adaptability, resilience.
The material shared in Project Zero is inspired by the Zero Forms practice by Fighting Monkey™.

What is FM Zero Forms:
It is the development of the joints, the intelligence with which the joints transmit forces, their capacity to remain open and inter-related, the quality of their collaboration, coordination and communication.

What defines healthy joints is their ability to act as a harmonious unity in familiar movement patterns, but also to accommodate new variables, new coordinations and meet challenging situations with the right combination of stability and openness.
I'll be there if you need me. While you take your own steps.
You try. You test. You play. You learn, unlearn, reflect, repeat.
I take you to the mountain. You make it yours.
I show you where I've been. But I won't give you my map.
You will draw your own. Many, actually.
Based on your choices. Taking all the detours you want.
Without rushing. Taking your time. Looking in all directions.
Sharpening your senses. Absorbing all the details and nuances.
Seeing the way through the obstacles, not letting them hold you back.
Staying curious. Finding something new every day.
Making monotony exciting. By looking through the obvious.
Letting the silence speak. The earthquakes settle.
Engaging in practice. Engaging in life. Starting anew everyday.
Taking many trips. Until you come back clean.
Find out more.
A/ 21 days straight (3 weeks)
B/ Monday to Friday + 1 Saturday (4 weeks)

One Hour Meetings
• 45' practice / 15' Q&A + Feedback
• In-person / Online / Combination of both

Investment: 1.260 euros
Singular Coaching Program
Open your mind and body to new experiences
My name is Miguel and I am a movement artist based in Barcelona. I research and teach in the areas of human motion, stillness practices and arts of the body.

I am the co-creator of Nomadic Roots, a platform for the study, research and exchange of ideas on bodily practices, movement (re)education and human development.
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