Return Journey Blog


You came into this world as a creative, curious, playful, and explorer being.

However, over the years, society has made you obedient and shaped your existence.

Your questions are more conditioned, your decisions are safer, and your answers are more moderate.

We are here to reverse the path.

We want to release your imagination. Make each person who crosses our path 1% more creative and autonomous.

Sounds a little naive? Perhaps too ambitious?

We agree. Our view is easy to criticize, ridicule, and underestimate.

But we think it's a small price to pay to rekindle the fire of your creativity and nurture your independence.

It is not an easy task, it will be a long journey. Full of uncertainties, pressures, difficulties, and chaos, to an unknown destination. And all of that is what really makes this adventure worthwhile.

Because the world is filled to the brim with passive and submissive people, given over to methods and protocols fueled by promises of immediate gratification and very short-term results. Achieved through empty repetitions of exercises that illustrate their manuals.

Depriving you of exploring, expressing, and finding your own rhythm and movement. Stifling your creativity and compromising your true potential of personal and physical development.

We are extremely complex beings, living in an equally complex environment. We must promote adaptability and creativity through stimuli that reflect this complexity.

Movement is essential.
There is no life without movement.

Our practice seeks to educate and empower, considering the essence of human movement and effective communication with our physical and personal environment. A practice which has the power to deeply influence our lives, allowing us to enjoy an happy, active, and autonomous longevity.

Love life so that you can creatively and actively participate in it.
Create time and energy to be able to solve the challenges that will appear along the way.

Build meaningful relationships to share the process.

Understand your surroundings, explore your landscape, and at the same time, seek the means to be understood by everyone who coexists in this environment.

That way, we can see the world again like a child, learn again like a child, and recover the joy of a child's movement.

We are through others.
We cannot not communicate.
We are here to learn from each other.

Love life, embrace chaos and thrive.